Phiona, past Executive Director for the TLC Pregnancy Centre, in York Region, serving women addressing various life issues surrounding unplanned pregnancy, guilt, self-esteem, decisions/planning, counseling, and postpartum depression. She’s the author of Cherish Your Mistakes: There is Hope, and a strong supporter to single mothers and youth. She is an effective motivational and empowering inspiration through workshops/guest speak sessions in women shelters, churches, and schools. In her book she talks about: If you are a young single mother, tired of living your life worrying about what others have to say about your lifestyle, this book is for you. Understand how to be free of others and their negativity (even that of your parents). Understand that God loves you. Understand that you are not alone. In life we have all encountered situations that caused us to stumble one way or another. As young single parents you may wish that you could re-do a part of your life, but that is not necessary because without tribulation there is no experience.

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Quotes: Cherish your mistakes, and you won’t keep making them over and over again…” ~Quincy Jones

HopeForYou Annual Christmas Charity

We believe children should be taught kindness, compassion, generosity and care for others. Therefore, each year our children enjoy sponsoring a single mother through the York Region women center, Teen Challenge Aurora, and other organizations. They then bless that family with Christmas gifts for their children and provide them with those special items on their wish list.

We Donate food boxes to local women/family shelters. Provide financial donations to the Philippines, World Vision, and Sick Kids. … other times, we are filling backpacks with basic personal and school necessities, to bless children in Jamaica. Thank you parents for supporting this vision of the daycare, to raise children with compassion.

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