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My Story

A business coach once said, “some people are contented to put in the minimum amount of work to get their due pay, but if you ever want to change the world, it’s going to take more than a desire to be successful.” I never forget that because my own written mantra is “give it your all or don’t do it at all.”

I’m Phiona, Founder and Executive Director of HopeForYou Inc. 2005, with a career in Social Work and my steady employment at Scotia Bank, I moved to Aurora. Struggling to make it on time to work after waiting for the school bus daily, I realized that I needed to go back to my passion – touching lives. So, I started my pursuit into daycare services with an added focus to help single parents. From there, HopeForYou was born. Since then, I’ve had tired days, but I have never woken up one day with any regrets. I’m overjoyed watching these little lives bloom in front my eyes. I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the most important element of their childhood (the first five years of age). A client sent me this message saying, “I am personally humbled and in awe of your Christ-like selflessness.” Another client said, “Phiona, you have no idea how lucky we are to have found someone as loving and caring as you. You love my children as your own; you take the time to teach them not only the abc’s of life, but also how to be part of a family.” Notes like these confirm to me that I am walking in my purpose.

In pursuit of my passion to bring excellence and affordability in childcare – after 11 years in provided excellent childcare service I jumped, and achieved my Ontario Ministry License to operate my daycare agency. HOPEFORYOU was licensed as a Home Daycare Agency to provide care in different homes. I was ecstatic for the opportunity to extend beyond the walls of my home, making room for this overwhelming growth. However, August 2019 I voluntarily changed from opening multiple locations in order to maintain quality care as finding like-minded passionate employees who love children and family is rare.  A huge THANK YOU, to all my loyal, patient, loving, thoughtful and dedicated clients – without you, there would be no need for me! My family and I are so thankful to be a part of your family!

Looking Foward To Serving You